Creating Outcome Breakthroughs

We help critical organizations to create reinvigorating outcome breakthroughs through outstanding strategy, execution, and organizational improvement

Government Plays a Vital Role in a Complex World

The government plays a vital role in providing critical services for the people it serves. Many government organizations are the most complex in the world. How they operate can impact millions of lives.

Government organizational leaders face increasing and changing demands to achieve greater mission outcomes. They are also under immense pressure to reduce inefficiencies by improving and transforming the way operations are structured and administered.

There are multiple barriers that these leaders are confronted with. Many feel that their hands are tied. They must respond to political and environmental changes. They must ensure that strategies, plans, and improvements are designed and implemented in a way that aligns with stakeholder priorities, prescriptive requirements (e.g., laws, regulations, policies, guidelines), and engages, educates, and generates support from the public.

How We Help

There are three critical activities that we roll up our sleeves and help top leaders, their teams, and organizations to excel at:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Strategy Execution
    • Organizational Improvement
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Why Us?

We have worked closely with top government, non-profit, and commercial leaders of critical organizations in producing critical mission breakthroughs, building engaged cultures, and generating billions of dollars in improvements.

FlywheelFew have the breadth and in-depth top-level experience and results we do in successfully orchestrating, leading, and supporting strategy, execution, and organizational improvement - in critical organizations.

We have worked in executive roles in large consulting firms and are different. Most of these consultancies have grown and maintained their status through prestige, branding, and long-time client relationships. This form of aristocracy is truly unfortunate.  Our goal is not to come up with recommendations, develop and present slick presentations, and then walk away.

We care deeply about the role of government, have a strong track record, and roll up our sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder in pushing the flywheel with leaders and their teams until mission breakthroughs are achieved.

We are passionate about strategy, execution, and improvement. We published a popular website on the topic.  We served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Strategic Planning helping to promote and strengthen the field.  Additionally, we chaired and led World Strategy Week for two years.  We brought together thought leaders to discuss critical forces changing global economies. These included top government advisors (e.g., U.K. Prime Minister, U.S. White House), scholars from top universities, best-selling authors, and top executives.

Examples of Work

Increased Worldwide Outreach

Worked with 99+ presidents and 15,000 reps throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia in improving outreach performance and deploying new technologies. Planned, developed, and rolled out KPIs, processes, training, mobile technologies, apps (custom built and standard), and vendor contracts world-wide

Consulting Leadership

Led state of Texas for top consulting firm. Achieved 99.4% average outstanding client satisfaction projects. Directed consultants providing outsourcing services to 245 client companies.

Strategy Execution Improvement

Improved overall strategy execution (50+%) by leading implementation of technology and business improvement programs and projects involving 70,000 associates in 170 countries.

Enterprise Analysis

Evaluated global operations and technologies of financial, construction, facilities, supply-chain, counseling, employment, and other ops supporting 15M people – leading to major transformations and improvements

Chartered, trained, and provided leadership to 300+ operations improvement, product development, technology, and other project teams to achieve $528M in savings.

Product Development Transformation

Chartered, trained, and provided leadership to 300+ Overhauled enterprise product management practices and launched product development teams generating $170M in revenue.

Special Programs

Planned and managed well known CEO's top priority initiative - multi-year program of top scholars and editors to research, write, and publish history book series, popular website, and television series. Books were bestsellers and won top awards. Television series became local favorite.

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A large, complex, and technologically advanced federal agency needed to be reinvented.  Its mission was critical, and it had become arrogant,  bulky, and unresponsive.  Over the years the organization become unwieldy.  The number of departments, policies, procedures, products, services, and projects continually expanded. More and more people were hired to perform these ever expanding activities. Continue reading...

The organization lacked purpose, vision, and clear direction.  There wasn’t a common understanding of target audiences and their needs.  Customers frequently voiced frustrations.  Many of its products and services were low performing.  Its processes weren’t clear.  The technology was archaic.  Career development wasn’t a priority and employees were disengaged.  Based on its trajectory, the future didn't look bright.  Continue reading...

A company had been generating over $528 million in annual revenue.  It purchased several businesses, trusting that diversification would reduce risks and create new opportunities.  That didn't work for various reasons.  Because of market disruptions, revenues plummeted and company lost over $105 million in one year.  Continue reading...

We partnered with an executive to reinvent a large organization’s worldwide supply chain operations.  Working with team with representation from planning, sourcing, procurement, logistics, materials management, and finance, we reduced internal processing costs by $175 million, and the average “order to receipt” cycle time from 85 days to hours.  Continue reading...