Strategy Execution

We help critical organizations to fully align and excel at strategy execution

Strategy Execution Services

We provide strategic executive services to help leaders achieve outcome breakthroughs that include a focus on:

    • KPIS / Performance Measures
    • Operational Alignment
    • Programs and Projects Alignment
    • Workforce Engagement / Alignment
    • Outcomes Management
    • Frequent Reviews 
    • Reporting
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Strategy Execution Challenges

It is rare for any organization (e.g., public, private, non-profit) to successfully execute strategic plans to achieve desired outcomes.  The challenges typically fall into the following categories:

    • Outcomes: Most organizations fail to achieve their target outcomes.
    • Programs & Projects: Frequently programs and project are not tightly aligned with strategic objectives, and fail to meet scope, quality, cost, and schedule expectations.
    • Processes: Processes are often not aligned and optimized to achieve relevant strategic objectives.
    • Stakeholders & Customers: It is easy for stakeholders and customers to become frustrated and disappointed with government organizations.
    • People & Culture: The workforce is frequently not effectively involved in strategic planning and execution. Government workers are significantly less engaged than the rest of the U.S. workforce.  Poor workforce strategies are inhibiting productivity and success.

How We Help

We help top leaders and their teams of critical organizations to develop successful strategic plans that deliver desired results.  We do this by rolling up our sleeves and work together with you to carry out the following type of strategy execution activities:

    • Outcomes: Ensure that all of the programs, projects, processes, and people are aligned with the strategic goals and objectives.
    • Programs & Projects: Charter, launch, train, and provide oversight to programs and projects to ensure they are aligned to the strategic plan and are meeting outcome, quality, cost, and schedule requirements.
    • Processes: Analyze, baseline, benchmark, align, and improve the processes to align and contribute to the strategic goals and objectives.
    • Stakeholders & Customers: Engage with key stakeholder and customer groups regularly to optimize their satisfaction levels.
    • People & Culture: Work with leaders and human resources to ensure that the right workforce strategies are employed to engage, train, align, and help employees to successfully contribute to the strategic goals and objectives of the organization.

Why Us?

We have rich experience in leading the execution of strategic plans for large enterprises.  We translate the strategic plan into programs/projects, operational initiatives, and workforce activities.  This involved chartering, launching, training, conducing ongoing reviews, and providing leadership to 300+ concurrent program/project teams to ensure the strategic goals and objectives where achieved – leading to critical mission breakthroughs and billions in savings.

We are passionate about strategy, execution, and improvement. We published a popular website on the topic.  We served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Strategic Planning helping to promote and strengthen the field.  Additionally, we chaired and led World Strategy Week for two years.  We brought together thought leaders to discuss critical forces changing global economies. These included top government advisors (e.g., U.K. Prime Minister, U.S. White House), scholars from top universities, best-selling authors, and top executives.