Non-Profit: From Lack of Vision to Flourishing Results

We partnered with a new managing director of a non-profit to reinvent the organization.  It lacked purpose, vision, and clear direction. Based on its trajectory, it was easy to question if organization had a future.  However, the managing director cared about the organization, his people, and was eager to take whatever action was needed.


We took the leadership teams through a five phased process highlighted below.


We worked with the directors and their employees to conduct a detailed assessment of the organization. Together we concluded that the organization:

    • Lacked purpose, vision, and clear direction,
    • Didn't have a clear understanding of their target audiences,
    • Had numerous customers who were frustrated and disappointed,
    • Possessed low performing products and services,
    • Had unwieldy processes and archaic technology,
    • Hadn't made career development a priority and its employees felt disengaged.


When the leaders and their teams researched and visited relevant top performing organizations, they become energized. The department had been a very insular organization, and this played a major role in helping them to become deeply excited about future possibilities.


We worked with leaders and their teams to identify, explore, and consider multiple future alternatives.


A motivating vision was established.  The desired culture and values were carefully defined.  A strategy and detailed plans were developed.  Products and services were redesigned based on a deep understanding of audience needs.  Processes, technology, roles and responsibilities, organizational structures, leadership and people practices, and measurement systems were carefully engineered to optimize the delivery of products and services.


The workforce in the department was deeply involved in design process and were prepared and excited to make the plans and designs a reality.


The reinvention laid the groundwork that led to a several-fold improvement in all areas.  Today the organization has a far reach and deep impact in the lives of millions of people throughout the world.  It has:

    • Published a number of best-selling historical books,
    • Developed a beautiful new historical museum that is one of the state’s most popular,
    • Modernized historical sites through the world,
    • Built a beautiful library and research systems that are used world-wide,
    • Co-sponsored events involving thousands and thousands of people,
    • Created a culture of professional excellence and deep respect for others.

The organization today attracts top talent from around the world.